OECD Sovereign Borrowing Outlook 2014 | OECD READ edition

The OECD report on the Sovereign Borrowing Market outlook. Interesting and important read. To note the slight downward revision of Financing needs for the OECD countries this year and in 2015 at an interval of 10,8 – 10,6 trillion Dollars.

OECD Sovereign Borrowing Outlook 2014 | OECD READ edition.


Handbag economics: a novella

Interesting to note one of these nights I was dreaming of writing a very short story. I didn’t have a plot or know what to write about.

But somewhere over the rainbow, someone kind of telepathically was busy doing exactly this and on a subject of particular interest to me and, may I say to the rest of World, or….. large parts of it.

This isn’t a short story or novella, just a humble blog post about Real Economics. On monetary affairs and depicting the make-up of Austerity ¬†and its implications, specially after a Financial rupture. With all the right characters and with indispensable Drama.

via Handbag economics: The ideology of austerity.