Thomson Reuters Launches Block Trading Venue – WatersTechnology

rob-hegarty-thomson-reuters-185x114Rob Hegarty, Thomson Reuters

The move on the Trading Platform space is gathering pace fast.

Thomson Reuters Launches Block Trading Venue – WatersTechnology.


London Forex Summit

A post featuring an interview with Founder and co-CEO of Saxo Bank, a Danish Investment Bank with a strong position on the business of Forex trading and trading platforms for the Retail as well as Institutional parts of this Market.

It is discussed in this video clip Saxo’s upcoming of Social Trading product and opinions on the current business environment.

The Alpha Interface Blog

Recently I stumble upon, do not confuse here with a social media site, with this blog from a LinkedIn Financial Engineering Group member of which I’ve got the privilege to be a member and was impressed. Jeff Mishlove is a PhD in Finance and Financial Engineering and is an advocate of a Scientific approach to Investing and trading. ┬áIt is quite interesting the Blog that presents us with Jeff’s books on the subject called The Alpha Interface.

We can also find books and references to other authors in these fields like David Aronson and his Evidence-based Technical Analysis and a very promising subject for the future of Scientific and Technological based Investing and trading like Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading of Financial Instruments.

The Blog is filled with posts featuring videos (the one below from the blog) with Jeff explaining the concepts that structure The Alpha Interface, and talking with David Aronson and contributors.

A terrific contribution to the world of Algorithmic Trading which certainly will please all the enthusiasts as well as providing an opportunity to learning, comment and feedback with the experts and experienced.

Single-Dealer Platforms evolve and remain relevant

Excellent blog on trading platforms, dealing in the markets and the modern era of Digital Investment Management!


The evolving global regulatory landscape is fundamentally changing how banks operate, the returns available, the business lines and markets in which they can effectively compete, and the way in which they interact with and service their clients via their Single-Dealer Platforms.

For example, under Dodd Frank, standardised swaps trading with clients will migrate from OTC bilateral trading, over to regulated venues such as SEFs. This will see the value proposition and revenue generated for banks likewise shift from a

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