London Forex Summit

A post featuring an interview with Founder and co-CEO of Saxo Bank, a Danish Investment Bank with a strong position on the business of Forex trading and trading platforms for the Retail as well as Institutional parts of this Market.

It is discussed in this video clip Saxo’s upcoming of Social Trading product and opinions on the current business environment.


Future reform for the FX markets…?

The huge 4 trillion dollar forex markets may well be in the spotlight on matters concerning proper regulation and transparency. As FT’s Patrick Jenkings tells the chief editor of Financial Times, this market might be overhauled following the most recent scandals of manipulation like the Libor scandal, and a proper scrutiny of moral hazard issues arising from the big bonus payed to top traders in this Market. For me this development might be good for the Markets specially fro retail traders which normally find themselves in a vulnerable and disadvantaged position.