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Online competency-based learning – business relevance

Happily came today to this post on Harvard Business Review. Depicting the new world of online competency-based learning that is emerging and pointing rightly to the business relevance of the trend, specially to business leaders charged with the task of deciding on Human Resources and the skill set of their workforce. A very important economic subject for our times of difficulty and demanding Labor Markets. Some passages that has striken a chord:

Online competency-based education is the key to filling in the skills gaps in the workforce. Broadly speaking, competency-based education identifies explicit learning outcomes when it comes to knowledge and the application of that knowledge. They include measurable learning objectives that empower students: this person can apply financial principles to solve business problems; this person can write memos by evaluating seemingly unrelated pieces of information; or this person can create and explain big data results using data mining skills and advanced modeling techniques


For working adults who are looking to skill-up, the advantages are obvious. These programs are already priced comparable to, or lower than, community colleges, and most offer simple subscription models so students can pay a flat rate and complete as many competencies as they wish in a set time period. Instead of having to sit for 16 weeks in a single course, a student could potentially accelerate through a year’s worth of learning in that same time. In fact, a student who was working full-time and enrolled at College for America earned an entire associate’s degree in less than 100 days. That means fewer opportunity costs and dramatic cost savings. For some, that entire degree can be covered by an employer’s tuition reimbursement program—a degree for less than $5,000. It is vital to underscore, however, that competency-based education is about mastery foremost—not speed. These pathways importantly assess and certify what a student knows and can do.

The link below follows the post on my Facebook page Insight Corporation which is an inspiration to this site.

A subject of relevance and substance in the economic debate around Labor Markets: competency based online learning - that's the thing! :

A subject of relevance and substance in the economic debate around Labor Markets: competency based online learning

Post by Insight Corporation. Photo source: Is Competency Based Education the Next Game Changer on the Horizon? Can it Succeed?


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