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George Soros‘ INET: An institute to improve the world or a Trojan horse of the financial oligarchy?

George Soros.

Real-World Economics Review Blog

from Norbert Haering

Let’s assume that there is a financial oligarchy which exerts strong political influence due to the vast amounts of money it controls. Let’s further assume that this financial oligarchy has succeeded in having financial markets deregulated and that this has enabled the financial industry to expand their business massively. Then, in some near or far future, their artfully constructed financial edifice breaks down, because it cannot be hidden any more that the accumulated claims cannot be serviced by the real economy That might be due, for example, to millions of people having bought overly expensive houses on credit without having the income necessary to service this debt. This is the kind of situation we are interested in.

If such a situation occurs, the leading figures of that financial oligarchy might recall that there has been a financial crisis in the 1930s of similar origin, and that during…

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2 thoughts on “George Soros‘ INET: An institute to improve the world or a Trojan horse of the financial oligarchy?

  1. A large amount of work guided by heterodox view away from the main stream propaganda has been implemented through a long term collaboration between French and Russia research centers and independent initiatives. Off course official academic main stream publications has hardly mentionned that trend, except some links on the WEA Russia site made by IPEN-RAN (http://worldeconomicsassociation.net/russia/)
    INET has never been interested in the work … Luckily! Guess why? G. Soros is much more interested to finance colors revolutions whatever extremism he has had to support (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Soros)! See Ukraine regime change… (http://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/europe/item/17843-george-soros-s-giant-globalist-footprint-in-ukraine-s-turmoil)
    This picture is rather clear for so long and at public access, I can imagine young and not so young brilliant economists that could be so innocent and so naive. Did political conventions, and NATO expansion has made brilliant academics blind? Economics seems not independent with politics : End of History main stream rhetoric needs Equilibrium theory.
    Multipolar dialectic requires dynamic and diversity that inspired heterodox views.
    The result among the G Soros’ sponsored cycle, as Norbert Haering has well introduced, is “collaborationism” with financial interest as usual, soft corruption, mystification of economics, ; it results with amoral and greed professionals again and again!
    And even in a liberal point of view , false concurrence and misallocation of competencies and money… Tragedy is the systematic biases in mass economic education.
    Let’s find your own way to do research being honest! Difficult? Possible! Internet is a chance! G7 is a tiny world of indebted countries not the whole world! Good luck for all!
    Follows CEMI’s ideas and analyses in our blogs…
    Official French site for CEMi-EHESS : http://www.ehess.fr/centres/cemi/

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